Hive13 Vector Drawing Class

Here are the important links for the Hive13 Vector Drawing Class I am teaching:



Average to Advanced User:

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So much to tell…

…but so little time. Since the last post I’ve made many more custom Doh-me’s. People are creating their own fun creations with the Doh-me. I’ve been selling jewelry and art toys at the Leaping Lizard Lounge event every Sunday called Art’s Bizzare. Come down sometime and visit. Also you can buy work in multiple places. The newest one is here. Here are the latest Doh-me creations.

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New Doh-me and Updates

So much has been going on since the launch. A new custom Doh-me Zombie is here. This little guy has been very well received. If you would like a Doh-me Zombie or any other character made, I will do custom work. Contact me for details.

After the release of the Zombie, I have been commission to create another Zombie and Darth Vader. Watch out a lil’ Vader is coming your way. 🙂 All this wonderful photography of the toys and everything else would not be possible without my good friend Nicholas Viltrakis. His websites are here:

Much more exciting stuff to come!

And finally a picture of the Zombie Doh-me:

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Official Doh-me Launch!

Today is the official Doh-Me launch. After much work and time, Doh-me’s are now available! They can be purchased here.

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Doh-Me Custom Art Toy at Cincinnati Toy Show

Doh-Me was launched for the Cincinnati toy show. My custom art toy premiered among many fun relics of the past. Pictures coming soon. For those of you at the show that would like to pre-order a Doh-Me you can contact me at kris[at] More information and purchasing online will be available in December. Look at the previous post for links to my other projects.

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December Launch

Until the redesign is complete in December, here are my websites:

Art For Sale

3d sculptures and jewelry

2d prints(canvases, posters, photos, etc…)

Individual artwork

Personal Webpage(to be completed some time in October)

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Coming Soon

This is the home of karmabomb. Designs and other stuff will be up shortly.

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